Rustic Spring Engagement Session at Historic Walnford | Dan and Jenna | Ultimate Edge Photography

I have never heard of Historic Walnford until Jenna mentioned it as a location for their engagement session. When I looked it up on Google, I thought it was super adorable and very similar to Historic Batsto Village. But little did I know how much this little village had to offer until I arrived for our session on Sunday!

One thing that is a bit struggling while shooting at Batsto Village is really no matter the day of the week, there is usually quite a bit of people. We did not have a single issue at Historic Walnford! Also, Walnford has a different type of rustic vibe than Batsto has which I think I actually prefer over Batsto! Walnford is brighter in color with white buildings and fencing (as you can see if the images below) compared to the dark wood buildings and fencing that Batsto has.

Not only was the location amazing, I mean it is probably my most favorite spot now! But Dan and Jenna did absolutely amazing during there session! I absolutely loved Jenna’s dress, it flowed so well and actually matched the location so perfectly!

Dan could make Jenna laugh in an instant which made it so easy for me to capture true emotions and moments! Oh, and Dan also the king when it comes to the nuzzle pose!

The sun was fighting with me during Dan and Jenna’s session. Every time I would get these two into a perfect spot the sun would hide behind a cloud so I kept loosing that amazing glowy light I love. However, right when it was time to leave the park, the sun came out!! We had maybe 5 minutes before it dipped behind the treeline and that amazing glow would be gone. But a park ranger found us and said he had to lock the park up so we had to leave (I internally cried for a millisecond).

As we were leaving the park I asked them if they would be willing to pull off on the side of the road near the pastures so we can take advance of the sun before it disappeared. Thank goodness they trusted me to grab these shots because I am madly in love with images at the end. Honestly, I think they are the best image of the whole entire session! Literally, the first image was taken in the middle of the road!

I truly can not wait for your wedding in June next year at Tim McLoone’s Supper Club in Asbury Park! You two are going to kill it with portraits and I can’t wait to capture all the special moments in between! Now get ready for an overshare of images from their engagement session!

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